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    Default Crew Skills - Crafting - Reverse Engineering


    I've done very little myself so far. Looks like a good link for Crew Skills (Crafting).

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    Wow - good info.. Thanks!

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    Main Crew Skills (Crafting Skills):

    Note: Be aware that you will only be able to have 1 Crew Skills but will be able to choose 2 Crew Mission Skills.
    Edit by Fireangel: Actually, it's like this:
    What are Crew Skills?
    Crew Skills are unique player professions within the game. They can be split in to three categories:

    Gathering - The materials gained from gathering skills are used in crafting skills
    Crafting - You can make various items through crafting, from lightsabers to medpacs
    Mission - These skills also have some of the rarer materials needed for crafting, amongst other things too

    You can have up to 3 crew skills maximum per character on your server. However, please note that you can only have 1 crafting skill per character.
    Armortech: (Heavy/Medium Armor -- Non-Force users) (Approx: 542 Recipes)
    Corresponding Crew Mission Skills: Scavenging and Underworld Trading

    Armstech: (Blasters/Rifles/Vibroblades & Swords/Staff's/Corresponding Mods) (Approx: 421 Recipes)
    Corresponding Crew Mission Skills: Scavenging and Investigation

    Artifice: (Weapon Mods -- for Force users/Armor Mods/Shield Generators/Lightsaber Crystals) (Approx: 1144 Recipes)
    Corresponding Crew Mission Skills: Archaeology and Treasure Hunting

    Biochem: (Stims/Med Packs/Adrenal Enhancers/Implants) (Approx: 387 Recipes)
    Corresponding Crew Mission Skills: Bioanalysis and Diplomacy

    Cybertech: (Armor Mods/Accessory Items/Ship Armor Plating/Grenades/Missile Mag/Bombs/Cores/Hover & Speeder bikes/Motors/Parts/Sensor Units/Shield Generator & Boosters/Capacitors) (Approx: 883 Recipes)
    Corresponding Crew Mission Skills: Scavenging and Underworld Trading

    Synthweaving: (Medium/Light Armor -- Non-Force & Force Users) (Approx: 561 Recipes)
    Corresponding Crew Mission Skills: Archaeology and Underworld Trading

    Crew Skills (Gathering Skills):
    Edit by Fireangel:
    Archaeology -- 65 Gathering (rewards color/power crystals, artifact fragments, & crafting materials)
    Bioanalysis -- 64 Gathering (rewards Biochemical Samples/compounds & crafting Materials)
    Scavenging -- 65 Gathering (rewards Scavenged Metals/Compounds & Crafting Materials)
    Slicing -- 65 Gathering (rewards Augments & Lockboxes)

    Crew Skills (Mission Skills):
    Diplomacy -- 130 Missions (rewards Light/Dark Points & Medical Supplies)
    Investigation -- 124 Missions rewards Researched Compounds)
    Treasure Hunting -- 118 Missions (rewards Gemstones, Lockboxes, & Companion Gifts)
    Underworld Trading -- 124 Missions (rewards Underworld metals & Luxury fabric)
    Last edited by Fireangel; January 22nd, 2012 at 11:50 PM. Reason: There are Mission Skills and Gathering Skills, I clarified

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