Hi All!,

Probably like me, some of you were interested in FO76 when it first came out but avoided it due to the negative buzz.

After the "Wastelanders" update came out recently, I noticed that most of the negative buzz died down. What I saw as one of the biggest gripes* ( forced P2W PvP ) seemed to be avoidable with a "Fallout 1st" sub (which isn't great, but it's not terrible IMO ) so I went ahead and bought the game and one month of "Fallout 1st". The nice thing about the "private instance" benefit is only I have to have the sub and start the instance, and any of my friends can join it (even if they don't have Fallout 1st).

Only 3 other people can be on the same team ( but I think up to 7 others can be in the instance with me at the same time ), but if you ever want to try it out (own the base game) and don't want to be on the public server, drop me a line!

* My other big turn off is that I was judging the game through the lens of "Fallout 3/4 multiplayer". In that aspect, the game still stinks. However, I realized that if you adjust expectations as see the game as just a "Fallout-like MMO" then it feels much better.