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    Default Albion Online

    Hello Brothers & Sisters,

    If anyone is venturing in the realm of Albion Online, look us up! This is a solid 'sandbox' game that incorporates combat, crafting, harvesting, PvP, PvE and a lot of the things that made UO such a great game. I'm really enjoying it right now...

    As of now, we are small group but we have a Guild Island with a Guild Hall (which needs some much needed work and improvement).

    You can find me there and I'd love to reconnect! Obviously, I'm playing as "Daylar", so search and friend request.

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    Master Daylar!

    There you are! Once again I have the pleasure of lending my sword to your cause!

    I will consult the local wisemen on the location of this land, and hope to embark upon a journey there soon! ;P
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