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    Default Transparency on current status of BH guild in-game

    Hello all!

    I sent a PM to Daylar, but it occurred to me that someone may log in and be subjected to a "rude" surprise. In interest of avoiding misunderstandings and being transparent, I wanted to post a public "heads up" in case someone encounters this before I resolve it with Daylar.


    Recently, after untold years of not playing SWTOR, I logged in and the game automatically made me guildmaster and demoted Daylar's toon. I'm guessing it was due to everyone not having played in many years and the game was programmed to allow active players to preserve a "dead"/"dying" guild.

    I also got distracted, invested a lot of real world resources, and made many changes to the bank, ranks and such. My intention was to revive the guild in that game and allow some active players ( mostly including family and real-life friends, but not solely ) to enjoy the game/guild.

    However, I came to realize this was very foolish and impulsive, and now I painted myself into a corner where I had invested so much, including hundreds of real $, into something I was "not the rightful owner of". In my defense, at the time I assumed it would be okay because "no-one" was playing this game anyway, so no-one would ever mind or know of the situation.

    This, of course is the wrong way of going about things. As I said, I have PM'd Daylar and hopefully he will run into this development and respond with much needed guidance, but I didn't want anyone to "hear first from the game" and get the wrong impression on what had happened.

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