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    ... just an fyi thing (This is regarding Legendary Items, aka LI's) Crafted Index is toward the bottom of the first linked page, so please scroll down there.

    Here is a bit of Question and Answer regarding Crafted Relics:

    Re: Where do you get crafted relic recipes?
    They are not listed as crafted relics. You buy the recipes for the barter item that you turn in to get your sealed relic box. Given the massive number of recipes on the Weaponsmith NPC, it was very hard for me to find these recipes.

    Re: Where do you get crafted relic recipes?
    Weaponsmith's Guild Legendary Recipes vendor. Rob Greenfield in the Weaponsmith's Guild Hall in Thorin's Hall. Or the unnamed vendor of the same label in the Galtrev hall.

    Re: Where do you get crafted relic recipes?
    Legendary Bows are made by Woodworkers.
    And I have only seen legendary recipe's at guild reps.
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