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    Default Transcript of the recent RP event

    Please forgive me if there's any typing errors...my fingers started getting tired since I did this in one sitting


    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: is approached by a strange man near the Tavern door*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *smiles at him* *frowns as he does not return the smile*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: "Sir, may I - ?"
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *shifts nervously and stops what he is doing, looking over*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *receives a note from the man*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *looks oddly at it*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *watches curiously while taking a swig of ale*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *The man says something lowly to her*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *she nods, looking suspiciously after the stranger, watching him go*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *steps over to Corvas*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: Corvas, a man walked up to me with a note for you.
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: He said he was your 'father'?
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: I'm supposed to pass this to you.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *looks confused*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: was it money, I could use a new...
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *watches Corvas suspiciously*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: He said what?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I need you to be specific.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *furrows her brow*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: He called himself your father.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: He said what, exactly...
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: He asked me to give this note to you.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *sips casually at his drink, staring at the wall*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: I haven't opened it of course.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: of course.
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: He wouldn't come in. I'm sorry.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *takes the note from Fyre, but seems to be mentally elsewhere*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *watches Corvas curiously*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: He...
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: I hope all is all right?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I didn't expect this.
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: May I do anything for you?
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: Perhaps get you a Frogger?
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: Do you need help with anything?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Haha.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *Corvas' mirth seems almost forced*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *glances at Mysti with a small smile*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: come, let us not have a fit over it.
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: *notes Corvas uncomfortable mood*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *wrinkles his brow, but says nothing*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I'll take that Frogger to go, thanks.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *nods reassuringly at Corvis with concern in her eyes, then gets a mug of Frogger for Corvas with a smile*
    [Guild] [Fyreangyl]: Well... I have errands to run, if you're all right, Corvas.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: It's... Don't worry yourselves... just something to take care of.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: quite, thank you.
    Fyreangyl has gone offline.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: you know we're always here for you
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *takes a hard look at the note in hand, as if it bears ill news*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *takes a sip of his ale, his eyes never leaving Corvas's direction*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I have some matters to settle.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *finishes the ale and stands tensely*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Jintuu, a word.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *shifts slightly, hand moving to his hilt under the table, subtly*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *nods from the dark corner and follows Corvas*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *fidgets slightly, then takes another swig*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Looks like you can cash in for that job now, Jintuu. Let's head out so I can arrange for you to get paid.
    Boofire has logged in.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *pauses a moment* Job?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Thanks for the Frogger, Mysti.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *nods to Boofire as she enters*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: anytime, my friend
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *watches Corvas leave, grabs his cloak and follows*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *glances slightly towards Boofire, but then shifts back to the duo*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *smiles weakly*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *saunters in*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *waves casually* Hey all.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *takes a sip of his ale* Hello guildmate Boofire!
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *furrows her brow, deep in thought*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *orders a Frogger*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: What's shakin'?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Everyone up to no good?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *giggles*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: A gentleman came in bearing a note.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: What's a 'gentlemen' doin' in here?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *giggles*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: You'll let anyone in.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Actually, the stranger didn't enter, though I'm not sure why.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: He handed a note to Fyre, claimed to be Corvas' father, and said to give the note to him.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: A uh...note, huh... for Corvas?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *looks uneasy*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Yes, then Corvas mentioned something about a job, though I'm not sure if that was just a pretext...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: From some strange man...?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: A man who wouldn't come inside the Tavern?
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Not strange, just a stranger.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *sips her Frogger*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Huh...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: and he gave that to Fyre?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *shifts uncomfortably and sips her Frogger*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Is that a problem?
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *leans forward*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Hey, don't look at me.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: How would I know?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I mean it's Corvas, right?
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *shrugs and leans back* Yep.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *Boo dips her head a moment, something comes*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *a sense*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *twinges*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *looks at herself*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Wh- what just happened?
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *Boo*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Anyone just feel something weird?
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *frowns, sensing something, he tenses, leaning his head slightly to the side*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *shudders*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *Ruined Temple*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: You guys...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: You guys...
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *looks over* Yes?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: something's happening to me.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *Stands up, and brings his hand to his head and walks around...*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I'm getting something real, okay...not crazy
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I'm not imagining it.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: It's ... it's Jintuu
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Go on... *still using his racial sensitivity to the Force*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *watches Boo closely*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I can feel him... he's like using the Force or something.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Kinda freakin' me out,... you know?
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *.......sith......*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Jintuu just left...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I think he needs our help!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *puts her Frogger down*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Where? Looks over...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Who did he leave with?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I mean, I think he's in the Temple Ruins...
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: He left with Corvas.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Like I said, some mention of a job.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *chokes on her last Frogger swallow*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *downs the rest of hers as well*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *frowns* Do you know something you're not telling us?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Okay...ummmm...let's get off our rumps.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Let's go guys...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: We gotta go to that Temple place on Coruscant.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: Possibly on that spot you felt something at before?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: That place Fyre felt something, you mean , Myst.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: ((eep! nvm))
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Too much Frogger for you.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *blinks, then grins*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Come on guys...
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: never
    [Guild] [Boofire]: we gotta go!
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *nods*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *frowns* Just wait a moment, what do you know?
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *moves towards Boo*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Exae! Jintuu's reaching out!!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: We gotta go help him now!
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Really? Why?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He doesn't ask for help.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: For crying out loud...
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Don't you... know Corvas?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *grabs Exae by the collar*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *hand touches his hilt*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Yes, and Corvas could be causing trouble for Jintuu!
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: then we best go and check
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He's kind of a person you gotta watch.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Why didn't you say that before? What else do you know? Hmm?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I'm not lying! Jintuu's tapping me in the Force.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Look, you!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Fyre's already interrogated me.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: I'm listening. *smirks*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: You're not the leader.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: You're a recruit!
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: yes, but I'm also not a fool. I don't trust you.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: You better listen when I'm telling you to help a member.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *......the pain.....*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: I'll go, but I'm watching you.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Then get off your rump and see what you see.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *......I will not......*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: he's family, and he needs our help
    [Guild] [Boofire]: GET UP AND COME ON!!
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *races out of the tavern*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *nods* No doubt, but if we fall down into the same pit...
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *shakes his head* Fools rush in, where...
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *follows Boofire*

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    faster, tho sometimes temperamental moongate


    [Guild] [Corvas]: *everyone hears incoming traffic from an open comm*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: What's that? *grabs her ear while she's running*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *the sound of a man in pain, a man being tortured, the sound of an unknown voice comes through*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: What IS that??!!
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: Hurry!
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: No, I will not...
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *the comm frequency is that of Corvas, his communicator like purposely opened, the sound of Jintuu's torment is obvious to all*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Get to the Jedi Temple Ruins on Coruscant!!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Everybody!
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *cringes in agony, refusing to give up to the pain*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *Through the open comm feed, the sound of an unknown voice comes through*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *clicks onto the channel* Stop that at once! *sound of his sabre drawing forth*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: That's Corvas!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: What is he doing??!! What is happening??
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *VOICE: Look around you De'otaros, the old stones tell your story*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *gasps*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *grunts* No, not mine.
    Corvas has gone offline.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Who ever you are, there is time enough to tell stories, let's talk about what you want... *sound of force-rush as Exae pushes forward*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *tries to stand*
    Boofire has gone offline.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *but is unable to*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: I know you....Sith..
    Boofire has logged in.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *mutters, 'hurry, you stupid taxi!' *
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: I have heard your name whispered
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: Jaenus...
    Corvas has logged in.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *struggles and falls to the ground*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: ((crashed))
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *force lightning covering his body* I suppose....Darth Jaenus it is...
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: ((wb))
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *on the comm channel* A Darth? What do you want sith?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *bangs on Taxi to hurry*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *stealths behind a pillar, observing the three*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *VOICE: saying my name will avail you little, your name is the name that will ring through the ages, Jintuu*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: Aaahhhhhh
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *VOICE: Your name, the name of Jintuu De'otaros, not of Daylar, shall be known for all time, if you will but free yourself*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *looks around for the two others, and then grits his teeth, leaping forth spurred by the sound of Jintuu*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: *struggles against the dark power, rises to a knee*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Hang on Jintuu!!
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *VOICE: yes, I know of your brother, your struggles*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I don't know if you can hear me, or sense me, buddy, but I'm comin'!
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: You will hurt him, NO MORE!
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: I am NOT my brother!
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: Nor will I give in
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: *stands defiantly beside Jintuu, shielding him momentarily*
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: No....Noo....NOooo
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: Get out of my head
    [Guild] [Boofire]: EVERYBODY LAY LOW!!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: DON'T DO ANYTHING YET.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: I will not give them up!
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: Dark Lord...I will not!
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: I do not want your dark power...
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: I have seen that....I have LIVED that..
    Corvas stands at attention, uneasily
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: Corvas...
    [Corvas] says: it... it would seem so, mylord.
    [Jaenus] says: You will fulfill the potential within you...
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: I will not turn...
    [Boofire] says: Guys...
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *gasps for breath as she finally gets to her destination*
    Jintuu fumes in front of Exaelitus.
    [Boofire] says: get over here..
    [Jaenus] says: Jintuu Why do you fight it you know my words to be true...
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: No..
    Corvas looks uneasy
    Alandri has gone offline.
    [Guild] [Jintuu]: Power....Virtue....Emotion...all are lies...
    Belimawr has gone offline.
    [Exaelitus] says: Is this your doing Corvas?
    Exaelitus looks towards Jaenus and then Jintuu
    Corvas remains silent, but looks tortured
    [Jintuu] says: *screams and falls to a knee*
    Jintuu kneels before Exaelitus.
    Exaelitus frowns
    Boofire beckons to Exaelitus.
    Exaelitus points at Boofire.
    [Corvas] says: NO!
    [Exaelitus] says: You, what's going on
    [Jaenus] says: what's this???
    [Corvas] says: NOT ANYMORE
    Exaelitus points at Boofire.
    [Boofire] says: Give Corvas a chance...
    [Boofire] says: See!!
    Corvas has won a duel with Jaenus!
    [Boofire] says: I knew he would come through!
    [Boofire says: I knew I wasn't wrong!
    Corvas kneels before Jaenus.
    [Jaenus] says: you will regret this!!!
    [Jintuu] says: *collapses*
    Corvas kneels down.
    boofire points at Corvas.
    [Corvas] says: no...
    [Guild] [Corvas]: no...
    [Boofire] says: I knew i wasn't wrong about Corvas.
    [Corvas] says: I have only damned myself again.
    [Corvas] says: NO!
    [Corvas] says: you were wrong.
    [Boofire] says: No, you did the right thing!
    [Corvas] says: Tend to him, see to Jintuu
    [Jintuu] says: No...NO.....You cannot have me
    Corvas stares coldly at the floor, panting.
    Boofire touches Jintuu as she leaves
    Jintuu has gone offline

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    faster, tho sometimes temperamental moongate


    Boofire points at Corvas.
    [Corvas] says: I am outcast... all over.
    [Boofire] says: No,... you're not.
    Corvas says "No."
    [Boofire] says: you just gotta talk, Buddy...
    [Corvas] says: I can never go back. Don't you understand.
    [Boofire] says: You're in trouble, don't get me wrong.
    [Corvas] says: I was a Sith agent!
    Corvas trembles with anger.
    [Boofire] says: The Burning Heart will help you, ... you just Saved Jintuu at the risk of your own torture!
    Exaelitus nods at Corvas.
    [Corvas] says: I can never be accepted by you... by them...
    [Boofire] says You can be redeemed!
    [Boofire] says: You can!
    [Corvas] says: I can never be accepted. I led one of your own into torment at the hands of a monster.
    [Boofire] says: Hey, look at me.
    [Corvas] says: I betrayed Imperial mandate and...
    [Boofire] says: I was no good, I'm tellin' you.
    Corvas lets out a heavy sigh.
    [Corvas] says: They'll kill me, Boo... They'll kill me.
    [Boofire] says: No,... we can help you
    [Boofire] says: You just gotta trust us.
    [Corvas] says: Like you helped Jintuu?
    Mystiana bites her bottom lip
    Corvas steadies himself.
    [Corvas] says: I....
    [Corvas] says: that was wrong
    [Boofire] says: Jintuu will be all right.
    [Boofire] says: You will be too... you just gotta trust us.
    [Boofire] says: You know you can trust me.
    [Corvas] says: I will be hunted daily.
    Boofire growls in frustration
    [Corvas] says: I have to go away... forever.
    Corvas ponders what will happen next.
    [Mystiana] says: then we'll just have to be ready for when they show up now, won't we?
    [Corvas] says: yes...
    [Boofire] says: I'm tellin' ya... you can trust us.
    [Corvas] says: Corvas must leave forever.
    [Boofire] says: See, and Mysti barely knows you.
    [Corvas] says: Corvas can never show his face again.
    [Corvas] says: Corvas... is dead.
    [Corvas] says: but, I will survive.
    [Corvas] says: You have shown me.
    [Boofire] says: Looks like you're livin' and breathin' to me, buddy.
    [Corvas] says: thank you all.
    Corvas laughs.
    Exaelitus nods at Corvas.
    [Corvas] says: don't you see?
    [Boofire] says: Come on, it's not that bad.
    [Corvas] says: I'm not talking about me, I'm agreeing with you.
    [Boofire] says: You stopped your boss from killin' Jintuu!
    [Corvas] says: Listen, you're right.
    [Corvas] says: Listen...
    [Corvas] says: I'm an agent, I have extensive training in wiping my own identity.
    [Corvas] says: Now, it's damage control.
    [Corvas] says: can you help me?
    [Corvas] says: I don't deserve to ask, but, when I say Corvas is dead, I mean it... you must all forget this man, this face.
    [Boofire] says: We can... you just gotta give us a chance.
    [Corvas] says: That's the only way I can survive.
    [Boofire] says: Like we gave you a chance
    Exaelitus nods at Boofire.
    [Corvas] says: Yes, and I thank you...
    Mystiana frowns slightly
    [Corvas] says: I'm thinking more clearly now.
    Daylar has logged in.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Daylar! you gotta talk to Corvas.... seriously.
    [Corvas] says: Over the next few weeks, let me wipe out myself.
    [Corvas] says: I will erase this cover, this 'Corvas'
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Wha....wha...Slow down Boofire!
    Boofire say, "Do what to yourself?"
    [Corvas] says: you've all shown me something...different.
    [Corvas]says: I need all your help.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: We gotta talk, Dayz. I mean, you're the leader... and I know you're only hearing this over my comm-channel... but...sheesh"
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He thinks he can't redeem himself ... you weren't here for all this hoopla.
    Exaelitus says to Corvas, "Then you shall have my help"
    [Corvas] says: Mystiana?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He's over here at the Jedi Temple Ruins
    Corvas ponders what will happen next.
    Exaelitus bows to Corvas with deep respect.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Slow down, Boofire....
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He lured Jintuu into some trap...
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Patience...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Jintuu left, and ... sheesh
    [Corvas] says: The man you all knew as Corvas was a cover... a lie.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: I am on Belsalvis. I will return to Coruscant post haste.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Corvas is all thinking he can't redeem himself - but he saved Jintuu!!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I'm just tellin' ya, he did.
    [Mystiana] says: Corvas, there is always redemption...always forgiveness.
    [Exaelitus] says: I understand Corvas, that much I understand of this.
    [Corvas] says: now, together, we can forge a new identity.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Jintuu? Corvas? How are they entwined?
    [Exaelitus] says: Your secret is safe with me.
    [Mystiana] says: and always help from friends
    [Corvas] says: I know, I know. I'm not having an emotional breakdown.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I gotta keep talking to him... but yeah... *static on comm-channel interrupts*
    [Corvas] says: It's the training.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He was some kinda agent for the Empire!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Corvas, I mean...
    [Corvas] says: I'm accepting your offers of forgiveness, now I have to get on to damage control.
    Corvas ponders what will happen next.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: and he hired us, me and Jintuu, I mean...
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Nobody is beyond recovery...both Jintuu and I are a testament to that.
    [Mystiana] says: I've known a few who have had darkness within them, that were able to fight it.
    Exaelitus says to Corvas, "Changing one's life is not easy, but you will find it rewarding, my friend.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Yeah, that's what I've been tellin' him!
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Boofire...you must remain calm.
    Corvas nods.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Corvas jumped in at the risk of his own life, and saved Jintuu!
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Okay, okay... I'm tryin'
    Corvas puts his comm-bead back in his ear.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Where is Corvas now?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I'm here
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *static interrupts*
    [Mystiana] says: I've...even struggled with it from time to time. *frowns, lowering her eyes*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: at the old Jedi temple on Coruscant
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Corvas...Give me the short version.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: awaiting your judgement.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He's over at the Temple Ruins with me, and Mysti, and Exaelitus.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Daylar I.... I am not Corvas
    Exaelitus pats Corvas on the back and smiles.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *puzzles*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I am an Imperial Agent, trained on Dromund Kaas, sent to infiltrate your establishment.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: My mission was data collection and to set up for an undermining infiltration.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: but no more
    Corvas says "No."
    [Guild] [Corvas]: As I travelled with you, I saw something... new.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Go on..
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I took Jintuu to this temple, to turn him over to my Master, Darth Jaenus
    [Guild] [Daylar]: I know that name..
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I... I am unwilling to fully accept forgiveness from anyone but Jintuu.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: They...
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Jaenus... tortured him, Daylar
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *nods* Where is Jintuu now?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I just stood there and watched... for a time
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: but you stopped him
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I attacked Jaenus, drove him off.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Jintuu disappeared.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: He was hurt, on many levels.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *frowns thinking about other coincidences*
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Jintuu is strong
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I tried to help Jintuu, but he left too fast
    [Guild] [Daylar]: He has undergone worse than a mere "'Lord' of the Sith could do.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Now, I have to assess my situation.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I...
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Stay your heart, Corvas.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: You showed compassion.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I confess, his previous dealings, his hard-heart... That is why I chose him
    [Guild] [Corvas]: for my betrayal.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: We are all accountable for our actions, yet
    [Guild] [Daylar]: The present we need to not act rashly.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I await your judgement... the judgement of this Guild.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: and mayhaps by choosing him, you saved another who wouldn't have been strong enough
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I am not, my training is extensive in the art of erasing my identity...
    [Guild] [Corvas]: They will come after me.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Corvas, return to the Taven with the other members
    [Guild] [Corvas]: understood.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: All of you...
    [Guild] [Daylar]: As our 'Recruit'...not as prisoner...nor anything else
    Exaelitus nods silently at Daylar's direction.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *nods*

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    [Guild] [Boofire]: *wipes her brow*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I... I can't thank you enough. It's beyond my scope.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Our first matter is to find Jintuu
    [Guild] [Boofire]: See, I told ya, Corvas.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Until he is found, there can be no truth.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: aye
    Corvas swallows hard
    Exaelitus looks towards Corvas, with compassion and smiles re-assuringly.
    Exaelitus says to Corvas, "Never fear, I believe you and your heart, and you have me at your back."
    Mystiana smiles warmly at Corvas.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Do you know where to find Jintuu, Dayz?
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Jaenus is servant to others, there is no doubt.
    Exaelitus lays a soft hand on his shoulder
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Of who controls him, I do not currently know.
    Corbas clasps his hand a moment, then stares off.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *shakes his head*
    [Guild] [Daylar]: I have been buried deep in a prison uprising on Belsavis...no doubt a plan of the Sith
    [Corvas] says: thanks... I have to become someone now that I haven't been in ages... myself.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: I have been shielded from the events tonight.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Okay, well uh.. I'm gonna go to a few hangouts, if you don't mind, and look for Jintuu.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: How did he disappear?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Teleported outta here.
    [Mystiana] says: It might be a little easier than you think.
    [Exaelitus] says: A chance to re-invent yourself! To be a man you always wanted to be, or discover the one that was always there...
    Mystiana winks at Corvas
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *pauses* Hmm... *then nods*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Only I uh...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *shifts from foot to foot*
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Yes Boofire?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Guess I'd better tell on myself firsszt.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: See... heh heh... *pulls at collar*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I uh, took a job from Corvas.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: So did Jintuu, ya know.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *raises an eyebrow*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: But I um... knew he was - Corvas was...an Empire Agent
    Exaelitus frowns with disappointment at Boofire.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I thought I could sort of turn it back on him.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: *furrows her brow* what type of job? perhaps we can..."fix" it?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: You know...twist it back on the Empire.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: So...guess I got too big for my britches.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *tugs at collar*
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Lies do that.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: The Sith can pull many a string..
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I mean, that's all...nothing else...just took the job.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *nods*
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Thought I oughtta tell ya.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Thank you Boofire
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *stands quietly, lost in thought*
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Let me say one thing, then we should move on
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *ahem*
    Mystiana smiles softly at Boofire
    Boofire blushes
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Evil and corruption and twist truth into lies
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Each of us are not immune to the deceptions
    [Guild] [Daylar]: yet we must ultimately search our hearts.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: None are above mistakes
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Let us find Jintuu and we will sort our this mess.
    [Guild] [Exaelitus]: Well said Guildmaster, Humility...
    [Guild] [Daylar]: In the meantime, search your heart...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *nods*
    Boofire bids farewell to Exaelitus.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: *takes a deep breath and nods*
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: I guess we must be wary, yet not to the point of not trusting others
    Boofire bids farewell to Mystiana.
    Exaelitus takes a bow.
    Exaelitus waves at everyone.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: just...be careful of manipulations and dark whispers
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Trust is a tenuous branch indeed..
    [Guild] [Corvas]: A branch I have fractured...but don't concern yourselves...
    [Guild] [Daylar]: But without Trust...there can be no Virtue.
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: fractures can always be mended
    [Guild] [Mystiana]: aye
    [Guild] [Daylar]: This is a new galaxy we are in
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Strange rules, teachings, rituals
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Corvas, you acted with compassion...a trait not bestowed on an Imperial Agent.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I...
    [Guild] [Corvas]: yes
    [Guild] [Daylar]: That tells me you have more Crusader in you than you may think.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Many of us have checkered pasts
    [Guild] [Daylar]: If you truly wish resolution with us, we will find Jintuu and learn the truth.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Forgiveness is also a trait of the Burning Heart.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I cannot explain it all. I have been many men, none of them were me. But this gathering has made me see things...differently.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *smiles* You are not alone in that sentiment...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *does a little choking sound over the comm-channel*
    [Guild] [Daylar]: All is not lost this eve...let us rest briefly and then back to task to resolve and discover this deceit.

    <<< missing gap between the time of 7:50:02 PM and 7:52:10 PM >>>

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    [Guild] [Corvas]: I'll do a little personal reassessment. Run some numbers, I have a few smokescreens left to throw up, stall the bounty-hunters
    [Guild] [Boofire]: *wonders if anyone will be coming after her*
    [Guild] [Corvas]: My main purpose now is fixing this grievous error, discovering the truth.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Hey uh, Corvas... is anyone coming after me?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Should I know about that?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Voidraith...
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Boofire...
    [Guild] [Boofire]: He's uh.... *tugs at collar* coming after me?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: There is a hunter after you... His name is Voidraith
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Great...
    [Guild] [Daylar]: Where are you?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: In a Cantina.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: On Coruscant.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: He's a cyber from Dantooine, that's all I know.
    [Guild] [Daylar]: *chuckles*
    [Guild] [Daylar]: I know that place
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I've heard he comes up with very... unorthodox ways of dealing with his marks.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Just lookin' for Jintuu, ya know?
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Great...
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I didn't set that up, I tried to stop it, but... obviously my connections have just been severed.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: I'll check into it some more.
    [Guild] [Corvas]: Thank you all.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: No way, Buddy.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: Don't go checkin'
    [Guild] [Corvas]: no?
    [Guild] [Corvas]: very well.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: I've been in some tough scrapes.
    Corvas has gone offline.
    [Guild] [Boofire]: We'll all slide outta this one together.

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