Please, when you're in the Guild Chat, and people come in, be paying enough attention (unless you're in a Space Mission, and can't see the screen) to greet people. If you see that they're letting you know they're leaving, and you're able, please say something. It doesn't hurt to chat it up a little, joke around, have fun, be friendly, so please do.

People can feel alienated when they come in and they see people in the guild in the chat, but they are ignored. Also, keep in mind that if you're feeling ignored, or you realize it's a little too quiet in the chat, it's up to you to try and liven it up in there. You can't control other people, even with Jedi mind tricks.

If you're wishing you were grouped, be sure and look at the levels of other people by clicking on Guild chat. Even if there's no one online who's near your level, they may have an alt that is, so you might open Guild chat, and check the box to also see Offline char's levels. You can look at the Member Notes to see who that alt belongs to, by the way, and can then just casually ask if anyone has a level (whatever you are) and wants to do (whatever the quest is) with you.

Thank you in advance for being more social.