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Are you interested in joining the Burning Heart?

The Burning Heart has an open policy for any who wish to enter our doors and learn. With that said, we will allow anyone to hang around us, adventure, learn and role-play provided an acceptable code of conduct is maintained.


Code of Conduct:


In a nutshell, the Council reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises at their discretion. We are a family oriented guild, and we expect a certain level of conduct and language. Role-playing is encouraged, but not mandatory.

We don't list guidelines for behavior, and we don't have a trial or punishment procedure. The Council has other things outside of role-playing that we do, including families. We won't spend our free time playing judge-jury to rogue players. We would rather be playing the game!


Becoming a Member:


So you want to officially join the Burning Heart? That's great! We are always on the lookout for mature players who respect each other's free time restrictions and who can have fun in a setting which we provide.

The process is simple. All you have to do to become a Recruit is submit a character biography to Daylar and spend time around us. When the Council feels you are ready to take the next step, we will welcome you as a Guild Member. No waiting lists, no time frames, no deadlines.

bhspin.gif (48370 bytes)Note: Our guild was founded in 1996 and we take the guild and it's people very seriously and want to spend all our available free time in game with our friends. If you cannot understand that, then perhaps you should look at the guild down the pathway. If you respect this, then your patience will be rewarded with a great role-playing experience.


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