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  While we do not want to seem a guild built on iron cast rules, some guidelines and procedures are warranted to let our members know what types of behavior is acceptable. This Code of Ethics is subject to change and revision as situations warrant.


General Rights:


fountain.gif (2132 bytes)(1) All sentient beings are created with an equal right to live devoid of evil and tyranny.


(2) Local laws and regulations will be obeyed so long as they do not violate these ethics.


(3) The rights of those who are weak or in need are to be upheld so long as it does not compromise these ethics.


(4) All sentient beings have the right to live as they choose, and have the freedom to express their own opinion without fear of persecution for their beliefs.


General Burning Heart Ethics:


Bhlf25.gif (9969 bytes)(1) First, and foremost, all members shall be aware that they are part of a diverse and well respected guild. Your actions will not only affect you, but each and every member of the guild. Members shall always think of the ramifications (and their affect on the guild) of their actions.


(2) Members will adhere to the laws and regulations of the land. If a conflict arises between the laws and the Burning Heart ethics, these ethics take precedence. The Council should be notified if such a conflict occurs.


(3) Members shall at all times adhere to this code and strive to follow the true path of the Avatar and seek to uphold the eight virtues: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality and Humility.


(4) Members shall entrust their life to the hands of the Burning Heart and in turn, the stature and honor of the Guild shall be entrusted to the members.


(5) Members shall seek to help new players or any player who is in true need so long as it does not compromise guild ethics, local law or any of the eight virtues.


(6) Members shall not attack any other players (unless we are at War) or NPC's. Members may defend themselves or aid any other player or NPC's who are attacked unprovoked or if items are stolen from their possession.


(7) Members shall not steal from any other players or NPC's. This includes, but is not limited to ships, houses, backpacks, etc.


candle.gif (9962 bytes)(8) Members shall not give out confidential guild information to anyone. If a member is unsure whether or not they should answer a question, they should refer the questioner to the Council.


(9) Members shall not take up the fight for another guild unless the action is approved by the Council of Virtue. This way we can avoid getting the guild into battles that are not our own. If an allied guild requests our assistance, the Council will announce if we will join the fight. Once the announcement has been made, members may aid our allies in this cause.


(10) Members shall not attack members of another guild, unless the Council of Virtue has declared an act of war or aggression toward the opposing guild.


(11) Members shall not purposely provoke other players or members of other guilds. This will reduce the likelihood of getting the Burning Heart into unnecessary battles.


(12) Members will refrain from making rude or inappropriate comments to any other player or NPC, both ingame and in public IRC forums. This especially holds true during public speeches and/or appearances of members of the governing body of the realm. This is a direct violation of Burning Heart Ethic #1 above.


(13) Any act of sexual discrimination, vulgar or abusive language, or public displays of graphic sex will not be tolerated. Such acts WILL warrant immediate removal from the guild.


(14) Failure or unwillingness to abide by these Ethics WILL warrant immediate removal from the guild.


Truth, Trust and Honor:


weapons.gif (9533 bytes)(1) Truth, Trust and Honor are the three principles members will strive to follow at all times. All actions should be based upon upholding of these principles.


(2) Members shall always speak Truthfully and beware of deceit, treachery and lies both from their own lips and the lips of others.


(3) Members shall develop Trust for other Burning Heart members and be willing to give up thy own life to save a fellow member or anyone in need.


(4) Honor is among thy most sacred possessions. Thy Honor is the one thing that you can hold dear and know that thou will never loose. Members should beware acts of betrayal, jealousy and disrespect.


Breach of Ethics:

Alter.gif (6531 bytes)A breach of ethics occurs when a Council Member is notified by an honorable member of the Burning Heart that another member has stumbled along the path of Virtue. There is no hard and fast trial procedure and the Council and Guild Leader retain the right to remove any member at any time.


We hope that situations do not arise where the breach of ethics comes into play. Our main intent with the ethics is to try to get members to act honorably, and if they know the consequences they might face, we think they will be a shining example of the Burning Heart...

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