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December 27th, 2011, 08:47 PM
*pulls back his hood to reveal his now blonde-grey hair and beard. Yet his steel grey eyes shine as bright and fierce as ever*

Alright Folks, time for us to get our act together!

The Old Republic is in need of our aid, and as I am one true to our cause, I will answer the call! Who among you shall join me in this quest?

The time is now for us to organize our efforts and strike at the heart of the Sith Empire. I put forth that we once again plan a 'guild night' that we can group up and thrust a dagger into the heart of the Empire. In addition to those nights, I encourage everyone to join up with your brothers and sisters to strike at the heroic villains that occupy the realms in which we battle. While we have our own goals, it is even more important that we help our brothers and sisters to gain strength to fight this war!

We are a guild of helping and compassion. Do not forget that!

I look forward to adventuring with each and every one of you, my brother or sister!!!!

December 27th, 2011, 09:15 PM
The lady steps forward, her own auburn locks now looking as if they are more blonde. She knows they are more grey, as her friend Daylar's are. The lady holds aloft her saber of light. She smiles brightly, letting the lines upon her face fall where they may. She has earned each one.
"I join you, Milord Daylar, and answer the call of the Burning Heart. Come, Brothers and Sisters, let us bring our force against the darkness in this realm. We are ready, because we are willing."

(Now if only I could find you! :rolleyes: ) EDIT: Daylar found me :)