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May 5th, 2012, 01:15 PM
The following Stats are suggested in order of priority while levelling your Republic Character. I hope you find this information helpful. Upon finding it online I decided to consolidate it here for quick reference.

Commando: Aim > Power > Critical Rating > Surge (Until Crit Rating is 50%+, then . . .)
Commando: Aim > Power > Surge > Critical Rating

Guardian (DPS): Strength > Power > Accuracy > Surge Rating > Critical Rating
Guardian (TNK): Endurance > Strength > Defense=Absorption=Shield > Power > Accuracy=Critical=Surge

Gunslinger: Cunning > Critical Rating > Power > Everything else (1-40)
Gunslinger: Cunning > Power & Critical Rating > Everything else (40+)

Sage (HLR): Willpower > Power > Critical Rating > Alacrity > Surge Rating
Sage (DPS): Willpower > Power > Accuracy > Critical Rating=Surge Rating= Alacrity

Scoundrel: Cunning > Critical Rating > Power > Everything else (1-40)
Scoundrel: Cunning > Power & Crit Rating > Everything else (40+)

Sentinel: Strength > Power > Critical Rating > Surge (1-30)
Sentinel: Strength > Power > Surge > Critical Rating (30+)

Shadow (DPS): Willpower > Critical Rating > Accuracy > Surge > Power
Shadow (TNK): Endurance > Willpower > Absorption > Endurance=Defense > Accuracy > Power

Vanguard: Aim > Power > Critical Rating > Surge (Until Crit Rating is 50%+, then . . .)
Vanguard: Aim > Power > Surge > Critical Rating

Please let me know if this is helpful and/or needs corrections or more information.

May 7th, 2012, 04:56 PM
Wow! This looks great! Must have taken a lot of research, I know it will DEFINITELY help me as I plan to make alts with classes I'm not familiar with.

In fact, with Exaelitus (Balance Sage, aka DPS), I wasn't looking at accuracy values on gear at all! =:O
(Though I seem to be hitting just fine).

I did seem some interesting info here:


Which claimed "But once your crit rating hits the 300-400 range, diminishing returns make stacking additional crit counter-productive. For surge, diminishing returns seem to really ramp up at about 300. So once you hit those numbers, stack everything else in power."

Which is kinda what I was doing, so in general I was doing "Crit > Surge > Power" (I would be missing switching that around once I hit diminishing returns but now I know ;P )